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Devops Drop 026

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Untethered, CFEngine hitches a lift on Android




The latest chapter of this story is the touching of two branches of this freedom: the internet information ecology and mobile communications. We are talking, of course, about smartphones and their heavier brethren `pads'. What about configuration management of these devices?


-encryption of memory,

-pin code or password protection,

-software updates, 

-application version control, are pressing.


Open Source android does not allow the notion of a privileged monitor on which most management frameworks are built.


 CFEngine has an andriod prototype.. 


Android 2.2 introduces support for enterprise applications byhttp://developer.android.com/guide/topics/admin/device-admin.html






The next five years of cloud and client computing, Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu - YouTube



Mark Shuttleworth....  Get past the initial introductions in French.. then initial talk about tablets and smart devices... About 1/2 of the way in the data center...


Lingua Franca-  http for api's, Iaas for cloud, openstack as the apache of cloud.


Leadership is key factor from spinning out of control.. 


Virt platofrms... 

virt ... kvm .... standard virt platform... 

lxc .. containers ... (trade isolation fro performance)  trusted workloads choice lxc... 


Ubuntu ... Openstack work with LXC...


Cloudfoundry.... savy move... generic harness for PaaS... bridging layer...   

Openstack.. Cloudfoundry ... 


Efficiency... ARM... ARM in the datacenter.  Ubuntu 11.10 first widely release Ubuntu that will treat ARM as a first class

power density, performance density.. 


Human scalability...

  Ops became much more of an eng/dev opposed to maint.. server rations up 10 to 20x


1 to 10k or higher in the future... 


How to scale in non flat orgs (legacy IT) .. Chef and Puppet... Spray it... 


Devops... Defining the language that we speak.. turnover... 


New service deployment... Config doesn't address.  Which 10k machines need that change..what order


Key driver .. scaling CM.. "Service Orchestration"  blurs the line between IaaS and PaaS.. Juju.. Ubuntu means Humans. Juju means super natural humans..


pkg metaphor...  for services... like a package knows where all the pieces for a software pkgs need to go juju knows where all the 


In the next five years everything will change except the beauty of paris... 





Multi-Platform Messaging with RabbitMQ


Rob Harrop 


5 different Languages and two different protocols...  


Java2days 2009 - Java Concurrency in 5 Languages ( Scala, Java, Erlang, Clojure, Groovy).


Rob Harrop demoes how to use RabbitMQ from a variety of languages (Java, Python, Ruby and Erlang) and different environments using AMQP and STOMP to achieve for multi-platform communication.


4 Languages... 

Java, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Erlang, and Telnet....


RabbitMQ is naitivly multiprotocal . stomp, amqp. .... 


Great overview of RabbitMQ... 


Most important thing in RabbotMQ is it is not JMS.   Forget what you know about JMS and re-discover...



Java Consumer to Pyhton publisher... w/AMQP

Java Consumer to Erlang publisher... w/AMQP



STOMP Adapter (ActiveMQ) 

Ruby Consumner Telnet publisher 


Then gets xrazy... 

Multiple languages ruby, telnet, NodeJS... 




NodeJS and SocketIO to link RabbitMQ and Node together... 




Recommend book for Javascript 



JavaScript: The Good Parts

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