DevOps Cafe Episode 19

Love it or hate it, the long form interview is back! 

Guest: Jesse Robbins (Opscode) 


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  • Learn more about Jesse's company, Opscode (makers of Chef)
  • John and Damon will be speaking at and doing a live episode of this podcast from PuppetConf in Portland (9/22)


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Devops Drop 019

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Building data science teams

Data science teams need people with the skills and curiosity to ask the big questions.



People You May Know (PYMK)  LInkedin, Facebook

Netflix and Zynga

Google, Amazon, 


A recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute says that by 2018 the U.S. could face a shortage of up to 190,000 workers with analytical skills.









New CycleCloud HPC Cluster Is a Triple Threat: 30000 cores, $1279/Hour, & Grill monitoring GUI for Chef




We have now launched a cluster 3 times the size of Tanuki, or 30,000 cores, which cost $1279/hour to operate for a Top 5 Pharma. It performed genuine scientific work -- in this case molecular modeling -- and a ton of it. The complexity of this environment did not necessarily scale linearly with the cores.


c1.xlarge instances 3,809

cores 30,472

RAM 26.7-TB

AWS Regions 3    ( us-east, us-west, eu-west )



 Compute Years of Work 10.9 years

 Spot Instances at an average cost of 0.286 USD / instance / hour (0.036 USD / core / hour). Compare that to the 0.68 USD / instance / hour for the same On Demand instance. That’s 57% savings!




What Exactly is Complex Event Processing Today?



Colin Clark...





Storm is a distributed realtime computation system. Similar to how Hadoop provides a set of general primitives for doing batch processing, Storm provides a set of general primitives for doing realtime computation. Storm is simple, can be used with any programming language, and is a lot of fun to use!


The lack of a "Hadoop of realtime" has become the biggest hole in the data processing ecosystem.





Building a Devops team



Brian Henerey, from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.


First interview - remote technical test


Ec2 instance .. install Wordpress with a broken Mysql install 

Tomcat log scraping...

Using screen to watch them...


Round 2 - Face to face interview

Whiteboard test

Pair programming 







How to Think Like a Computer Scientist


Learning with Python






Node.js and MongoDB on Ubuntu



haproxy to catch inbound web traffic and route it to our node.js app cluster

mongodb for app storage


With a sample application....





First steps with Cloud Foundry on Amazon EC2




Setting up an IP address and domain name

Making it start the right modules at boot



Devops Drop 018

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NoSQL Benchmark



Yahoo Cloud Servicing Benchmark


Basic operations are Insert, Update, Read, and Scan. There are basic workload sets that combine the basic operations, but new additional workloads can also be created.


This article contains tests conducted on the following products and versions.



Although Cassandra’s latest version is 0.8.0, we have decided to use the previous version known to be stable. Because when testing with the 0.8 version, the gossip protocol between nodes malfunctioned and the node up/down information was incorrect.


HBase-0.90.2 (Hadoop-0.20-append)
The HBase-0.90.2 (Hadoop-0.20-append) was selected because, if not the Hadoop-append version, there may be problems on decreased durability in HDFS.




Insert, Read Only and Read and Update


Insert - Cassandra kills 

Read and update Cassandra beats HBase by a little 

Read Hbase wins of course but only by a little against Cassandra 

Mongo get blow out...


Which leads me into .. why I would love to make this event...




Using Cassandra, Brisk, and Mahout to Manage Time Series, and Predict Future Events



Datastax ... Brisk  a cassandra based Hadoop...





What is glu?



glu is a free/open source deployment and monitoring automation platform.


a glu agent  is running on each of those nodes

ZooKeeper is used to maintain the live state as reported by the glu agents (blue arrows)

the glu orchestration engine is the heart of the system


Glu Script is a Groovy Class with named closures for the actions... (can be groovy or java)

install, configure, start, stop, unconfigure and uninstall


The doc is pretty cool .. however, when I started getting into the state machine stuff I had to stop...


Orchestration .. Zookeeper to build live state, compare live and desired state.

generate delta 








Three months ago, we decided to tear down the framework we were using for our dashboard, Python’s Django, and rebuild it entirely in server-side JavaScript, using node.js. (If there is ever a time in a start-ups life to remodel parts of your infrastructure, it’s early on, when your range of motion is highest.)


This decision was driven by a realization: the LAMP stack is dead. 


1991-1999: The HTML Age.

2000-2009: The LAMP Age.

2010-??: The JavaScript Age.



From $0-100million with no sales people. The Atlassian 10 commandments for startups.



Jira, Confluence 


3 ppl to 300 ppl... 


Start with two founders..  50/50 


Bootstrapping .. first round is 60M


-Sell itself, affordable, global, open 

-Use your own product.... Passionately use your own product...

-Measure everything... Capture everything.... even if you can’t analyze 

-Test everything... 5 users free .. raised money for charity 

-ABM...  ... always sponsor the beer at conference.. like Dyninc...

-Send stuff in the mail.. t-shirts... 

-Make everything into a campaign.. Turned hiring into a marketing campaign - .. send only 4 resumes otherwise you are black listed...

-Don’t be afraid to let your first product will fail.. 




Devops Dude of the Week....


Jordon Sissel


FPM and Logstash and now...





Jordon Sissel.. 


This project contains two EventMachine extensions.

First, it adds an event-driven file-following similar to the unix ‘tail -f’
command. For example, you could use it to follow /var/log/messages the same way
tail -f would.

Second, it adds event-driven file patterns allowing you to watch a given file
pattern for new or removed files. For example, you could watch /var/log/*.log
for new/deleted files.


For logstash, the log agents were
event-driven using EventMachine. The log agents mainly get their data from
logfiles. To that end, we needed a way to treat log files as a stream.

There’s a ruby gem ‘file-tail’ that implements tailing, but not in an
event-driven way. This makes it hard to use in EventMachine programs like

Thus, eventmachine-tail was born.

Further, the usage patterns for logstash required the ability to watch a
directory (or a file pattern) for new log files.


rtail -x "*.gz" "/var/log/**/*"






Devops Drop 017

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$3m Wellington rail project behind schedule



 KiwiRail said Project Sirius, a $3 million project to install an IBM asset management system, is six months behind schedule.




LexisNexis Releases Code for Its Hadoop-Killer




LexisNexis Risk Solutions' division HPCC Systems has announced that it is open sourcing the code for its High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) software. HPCC is a data-processing-and-delivery solution that the company is marketing as an alternative to Hadoop. HPCC includes two major components: Thor, which analyzes large datasets in a manner similar to Hadoop, and Roxie, which is closer to a traditional RBDMS or a data warehouse.




The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Whirr as a Top-Level Project



Apache Whirr provides a Cloud-neutral way to run a properly-configured system quickly through libraries, common service API, smart defaults, and command line tool. Whirr is being used for proof of concepts and a way to try out new Cloud services utilizing a variety of Apache products that include Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, and ZooKeeper. An example of this is enterprise software providers Cloudera, who use Whirr to make it easy to try out their CDH product and run distributed clustered services.




Chef Hack Day - Seattle

Saturday, September 24, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PT)

Seattle, WA




Joyent arms cloud for death match with Amazon



The pixar of cloud Jason Hoffman: Chief Scientist, Founder - PhD in Molecular Pathology

Mark Mayo: CTO... 



A month after open-sourcing what it calls "the first major hypervisor" to arrive in half a decade, cloud computing pioneer Joyent has added this hypervisor to its flagship service, allowing Linux and Windows applications onto the Joyent Cloud for the first time.


Joyent and its firebrand CTO told the world they had ported the KVM hypervisor from Linux to SmartOS. They promptly open-sourced the code in an effort to "make the world a better place", and now they've rolled the hypervisor into a new incarnation of the Joyent Cloud


The company claims that its SmartOS virtual machines are up to 14 times faster than comparable Amazon server instances




Rundeck And Nagios Nrpe Checks



I’ve played with a few different jobs so far, including triggering Puppet runs across machines triggered by a Jenkins plugin. I’ve also been looking at running all my monitoring tasks at the click of a button (or again as part of a smoke test triggered by Jenkins) and I thought that might make a nice simple example.

My checks are written as Nagios plugins, and run periodically by Nagios. I also trigger them manually, using Dean’s NRPE runner script.


Devops Drop 016

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VMware vsphere provider to Fog



Libvirt integration for fog




 added cloudstack support



Full AWS support sqs, sns, rds, elb, dns,cloudformation, cloud_watch



Patrick is going crazy over there.. 

This is some crazy shit essay..


Automated Vmware ESX Installation - Bonus in Vmware Fusion



Using kickstart

After this exercise you should be able to completely script the installation of a Vmware ESX virtual machine and make it run inside Vmware Fusion.



Murder: Fast datacenter code deploys using BitTorrent



twitter eng.. .BitTorrent... Murder a 40 minute deploy..  12 seconds! - in ruby and python also a great video on the blog.



Ruby for Jenkins Goes Pre-Alpha



The prject was started to make Jenkins fit the ruby comminity stlye...


not forced into using jruby, or maven. 


boot a plugin written in pure Ruby into a Jenkins server w/o java or java knowledge.  




Installing on RHEL/CentOS 5



Decomposed the script based install and refactored it to work with centos and layed out the steps to use yum


4 ways to install


  1. bash script that you can invoke from a curl command
  2. in the vcap repo there is a vcap_dev directory with chef cookbooks to install w/chef solo
  3. Keith Hudkins created a chef server install for the barclamp PIT
  4. Canonical ow has debian packages... 



LexisNexis Releases Code for Its Hadoop-Killer



HPCC Systems a division of lexisnexis risk solutions division.

open sourcing the code for its High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) 

an alternative to Hadoop. 

Thor, which analyzes large datasets in a manner similar to Hadoop, 

Roxie, which is closer to a traditional RBDMS or a data warehouse.




Ensemble gets some Juju!



 We figured it should represent the complexities and mystery that often surround those skilled in the DevOps field, and be something that played on the same “u” sound and etymology as Ubuntu.  Thus, “Juju” was born!