Episode 2

We had so much fun, we did it again.

Guest: John Allspaw (VP of Technical Operations at Etsy; Frequent public speaker and writer)

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- OpsCamp San Francisco and OpsCamp Austin were both great
- John's "How much time are you spending in the muck?"... no link available because he won't write it down :) 
Opscode (John's current company)
DTO Solutions (Damon's current company) 
- Today's guest is John Allspaw
- John Allspaw talked about his path from Friendster to Flickr to Etsy
- John Allspaw's presentation at Velocity '09: "10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr"
Velocity Conference is coming up
DevOps Days (US edition will be June 25 at LinkedIn HQ in Mountain View, CA)
- John Allspaw's book "The Art of Capacity Planning" is available now
- John Allspaw's book "Web Operations: Keeping the Data On Time" is available for pre-order
- John Allspaw blogs also
- Faceball: ready for a comeback? 
- A lot of the discussion focused on metrics and culture (as usual)
- John Allspaw likes ganglia 
- Etsy is hiring
- WebOps Visualizations photo pool on Flickr (people sharing their metrics dashboards)
- If you see John Willis at CloudCamp Detroit or Gluecon, buy him a beer




Episode 1

The inaugural episode!

Guest: Lindsay Holmwood (DevOps Days Down Under organizer; Cucumber-Nagios and Flapjack developer)

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- BarCampESM was the precursor to what is now the OpsCamp events 
- What is DevOps? (Damon's take)
- John's other podcast is IT Management Podcast with Michael Cote from RedMonk 
- Opscode (John's current company)
- DTO Solutions (Damon's current company)
- Lindsay Holmwood's bio
- John Allspaw presentation at Velocity '09: "10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr"
- Andrew Shafer 
- Velocity Conference
- DevOps Days (US edition will be June 25 at LinkedIn HQ in Mountain View, CA)
- DevOps Days Down Under 
- Ernest Mueller
- People over Process over Tools (post by Alex Honor)
- Cucumber-Nagios
- Flapjack 
- ControlTier
- MCollective
- Chef
- Puppet 

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